Camino Verde 96% – 2018 Harvest. Kajkab Anniversary Edition


Kajkab in Yucatan is derived from 2 words, “kaj” and “kab” which mean bitter and juice, respectively. A cacao offering to the gods and all goodness. Kajkab honors tradition with the anniversary edition, the closest to pure cacao yet sweet enough to delight our contemporary palates without cacao’s natural bitterness. For almost 6 months of experimenting with dozens of different roasting temperatures, beans, and numerous tastings, we are thrilled to share with you our very first-anniversary edition! this is our best effort of making the very best tasting chocolate possible with the highest amount of cacao.

Tasting Notes:

We taste intense chocolate fudge with a hint of roasted walnuts and cream followed by a soft honey aftertaste.

Ingredients: 2 oz / 56.6 g of 96% Camino Verde, Ecuador – 2018 harvest, Kajkab Proprietary Sweetener Blend (Organic Unrefined Sugar And Organic Monk Fruit Extract).



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